Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Moral Dilemma: donate or make a profit?

On October 2nd Ms. KR and I will be flying from the UK back to Florida. After two years of living in the UK we have decided to move back to the States. Read more about that here. As you can imagine we both have built up quite a collection of "stuff". Besides selling half my book collection on Amazon we have yet to get started on the "Great Stuff Purge".

Last night we were discussing our options...

  1. Sell everything, even the junk stuff for £.50 - £1.00 ($1-2) and donate nothing. We both know that if we sell 10 plates for a dollar each we will be $10 better off. Sometimes the small amounts make the big difference. However, my conscience is nagging me because some of the stuff we would be selling, for example
  2. Sell the items that we bought (TV, Gaming systems, coffee table, etc..) and donate the other stuff to the needy.
I'm a bit stuck on this one and am looking forward to your comments.


Anonymous said...

You're the needy one now - sell what you can. If it doesn't sell then you can donate it, but you should try to get the money first. If you feel guilty about it you can always donate your time to charity.