Monday, 11 June 2007

Frugal Travel Part Two

Following up from my previous post how can one survive in Paris for 3 days without breaking the bank. We are specifically speaking about Paris, but these tips apply to all trips.

  1. Research Research Research. I used a great wiki called WikiTravel which is essentially a free travel guide in the popular wiki format which allows open editing, keeping content fresh and pertinent. Using this valuable resource I found out that buying a glass of wine in the restaurants costs more than buying a bottle of wine at a supermarket in Paris. We'll save the wine for the Hotel and drink water (the free kind) at the restaurants. Another good website to check out if you are planning a trip is
  2. Eat at the right places. Eating in France can be a very expensive affair. However there is a cheap option. Like most cities there is some very good street food. The street food in France is especially good and quite cheap. The most popular street food in France is probably Crepes. For about $3 you can get a crepe and a drink. If the city you are visiting doesn't have very good street food you can always try a supermarket. Supermarkets are much cheaper than eating out and you can sample the food the locals eat. Last year in Italy we bought some delicious deli meats and a baguette and made sandwiches in the park. However, eating out is very much part of the Paris experience. I've allocated about $90 for a meal for two at a Michelin Starred restaurant. Most restaurants offer a good set meal. You don't get much choice, but you get good food inexpensively. $90 sounds steep, but for a 4 course meal for two (including wine) it isn't too bad. Needless to say we will only be doing this once.
  3. Guide yourself. In this day and age the frugal traveller doesn't need to dosh out on expensive tour guides. The Travel Podcast Directory offers a podcast for almost every city on earth. Save bundles and guide yourself around.
These are just 3 tips to save you money on your trips. If you have any other tips feel free to let me know in the comments.