Wednesday, 6 June 2007

How chicken can feed you for a week

Keeping with the theme of eating well on the cheap I want to briefly talk to you about my favourite frugal food. Chicken.

Boy do we love chicken in the KR House. Just yesterday I posted a recipe for a nutrient packed lunch which guessed it... Chicken. Buying a full chicken is relatively cheap and if used wisely can be used in a wide variety of meals for cheap.

On Sunday Ms. KR roasts a delicious roast chicken with carrots, parsnips, and carrots (all cheap garden vegetables). A leg and a thigh is enough to satisfy me and a leg is enough for her. The rest goes into the fridge.

On Monday for lunch (and maybe dinner) we finish off the leftover vegetables with a few more pieces of chicken.

On Tuesday I use a few pieces of chicken for my super food lunch. Ms. KR uses some chicken for her fabulous chicken chili.

On Wednesday we have left over chicken chili for lunch and using the some of the remaining chicken create my famous chicken soup for dinner

On Thursday I use the last of the chicken for my super food lunch and have leftover chicken soup for dinner.

On Friday we finish off the chicken soup (I make quite a big quantity of chicken soup)

On Saturday we take a chicken break.

You may be wondering if I ever get tired of chicken. Well yes, yes I do. However, for £2-3 ($4-6) we have a week's worth of meals for two. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices to achieve your goal, in this case the sacrifice isn't that bad, it just involves a lot of chicken.

Using this method of critical meal planning we are able to usually keep our food bill down to £40-60 ($80-120) a month. For two people (that enjoy eating) that is very good.

If you're interested in the recipes used for this chicken fest then please feel free to comment and I will write them up for you.

What is your favourite frugal food? Let me know in the comments


C47 said...

Those poor chickens. Isn't it Ms. EG?