Monday, 11 June 2007

Frugal Travel Part One

In a few days Ms KR and I are going on a 3 day trip to Paris. Ms. KR has never been and recently told me that it would be disappointing if she lived in Europe for a year and never saw Paris.

Paris, if you don't know, rivals New York City and London in terms of cost of visiting. It is one of the most expensive cities in the world....Great.

So far here's how much Paris has cost me

  • Flight - £85 ($167.00)
  • Transport from home to airport and back- £14 ($27)
  • Hotel - £124 ($246.00)
I booked the flight a few months ago and got a great deal $167.00 is buying us 2 return tickets to Paris. I used the website skyscanner to find the best air deal. I strongly suggest that you use skyscanner if you are planning a trip anytime soon.

Luckily the flight is from the airport quite near to my house. This saves me a drive up to London and parking costs. We catch a local bus that drives us right to the airport and takes us back when we return for £7 ($4) each. Most cities have these buses, i recommend you look into them. Bargain.

As for the Hotel, i splurged slightly. The cheapest hotel was about £70 ($140) but was much farther from the parts of Paris that one would like to see. For slightly more money we are guaranteed a location that is walking distance to all the sights. Paris is a very flat city and we are quite avid walkers, this should save us the need to use public transportation. Offset that against the cheaper hotel and we probably only ended up spending a few dollars more. Plus, in the hotel I chose, we get a private bathroom. To find the hotel i used hostelworld to find the cheapest accommodation.

In part two I will share how to survive three days in Paris without breaking the bank.


dan said...

I would suggest a travel search engine called Trabber to find the best air fares. Here is the address -

I hope it will help.

KRdaCat said...

Thanks Dan,

That seems pretty similar to skyscanner except it is UK based.

The more the merrier I say.

Thanks again